Table of Contents
-A Cognitive Paradox
A Material Paradox
A Commonday Paradox: Forget Special Relativity

-General Comments: Squaring Velocity c
-General Comments: Conversion of Mass and Energy the Mass|Massless Contradiction
-General Comments: Superluminal Velocities

-General Comments: The Observer
-General Comments: The Spectrum of Color
-General Comments: A Thought Experiment
-General Comments: Phase Velocity

Part One
-The Photon Wave-Particle Travels at Superluminal Velocities or, How to Avoid Mumbo-Jumbo Physics Writing.
Introduction to Science Writing in Physics Today

-The Photon Travels Faster Than the Defined Speed of Light: It Always Has and Always Will
-The Superluminal Velocities of Electromagnetic Radiation And the Speed of Light in Vacuum

Part Two
-The Special Theory of Relativity or Einstein’s Theory of Relative Observation & Measurement
-Thought Experiments and Science Writing
-Conceptual Definitions Taken for Granted in the Special Theory of Relativity
-The Special Theory of Relativity and Its Supposed Consequences
-Relativistic Doppler Effect
-Theoretical Misapprehensions
- Inexact Hypothetical "In Motion" and "At Rest" Objects
-The Different Levels of the Conditions of Existence
-Non-Existent Motionless Matter-Energy [Conjectural Mass at rest]
-One Dimensional Time and Conjectural Time Dilation
-Human Observation of Objects Near the Speed of Light
-The Conjecture of Time Dilation
-The Conjecture of Relativistic Mass
-The Conjecture of Mass-Energy Equivalence
-The Conjecture of Length Contraction
-The Conjecture of Simultaneity in Time and Spacetime
-Squaring the Speed of Light in Vacuum: Violation of a Self-Defined Limit
- Phase Velocity
-The Lifespan of a Photon
-Einstein's Conjectures Resolved in Target Practice
-The Absolute Stationary Space or the "Luminiferous ether"
-Proving the Experimental Basis of Special Relativity

Part Three
-The Special Formulas of Relativity and the Lorentz Factor: A Spacetime/Motion Analysis of Relativistic Mass, Time, Length, and Energy
-Special Relativity Theory: The Theory of Human Perception - A Note of Caution
-Einstein’s “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies”
-Einstein's "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" sans observateur
-Your Money and the Physics of Special Relativity
-Money and Math
-Special Relativity Theory, A Theory of Appearances:The Vision of Superman
-Related Special-Relativity Equations
-Note about on-line relativistic calculators:
On-line Data sets

-Unit 1.0 for the Four Categories/Terms in the Formulas
-A Spacetime/Motion Analysis of the Terms in the Formulas for Special Relativity for Mass, Time, Length and Energy.
-The Formulas for Special Relativity: Terms in Vacuum and Not in Vacuum
-The Lorentz Factor
-A Non-Relativistic Example
-Algebraic Computations without Squaring the terms
-Contradictions of Inconsistency in the Special Relativistic Categories