The Lifespan of a Photon

We will raise this conjecture (the purport of which will hereafter be called the "Principle of Relativity") to the status of a postulate, and also introduce another postulate, which is only apparently irreconcilable with the former, namely, that light is always propagated in empty space with a definite velocity c which is independent of the state of motion of the emitting body. ---Albert Einstein, 1905.

            From the perspective of spacetime/motion, the previous statement has many deficiencies. A more exact statement would be:
            Light is propagated for all spacetime/motion with a fixed velocity in relation to infinite ranges of motions/spacetime of the emitting body.
            The so-called photon (electromagnetic particle-wave) is the emitting body, whose duration in some cases is known to be 13.84 billion years. All matter-energy events in spacetime/motion that exist now and which we "observe" now are 13.84 billion years old, as far as we can tell today. Ultimately, this statement shall be qualified to mean that all matter-energy events in spacetime/motion that exist are themselves the age of the Universe [whatever that may be discovered to be someday].
            Light propagates at a fixed speed/velocity at origin and during its flight [existence].
            To state that no matter-energy event can travel at the speed of light and emit light is erroneous. The photon accomplishes exactly that; it travels at the speed of light and emits light forever [for 13.84 billion years as far as we know].

Einstein's Conjectures Resolved in Target Practice

            Einstein could have offered his conjectural reasoning at the level of a shooter and is/her targets. The options are few:

            Stationary shooter                  |           Stationary target
            Stationary shooter                  |           Moving target
            Moving shooter                      |           Stationary target
            Moving shooter                      |           Moving target
and so on…,
            The sensorial perception of the shooter [observer in Einstein's wording] varies for each of the cases cited above, as do the spacetime/motion coordinates of the shooter vary. The spacetime/motion coordinates of the stationary/moving target vary for each case cited. There is no sensorial perception involved in the target, unless the target is another human being.
            The shooter, during the various cases cited, adjusts his/her instinctive and/or scientific methods of measuring the distance, motion, mass, etc., of the target in relation to him/herself and his/her weapon, etc.
            The affirmations by Einstein in his special theory of relativity have long been put into practice by shooters throughout the violent history of human beings and/or in their competitive sports shooting. Regarding the appearance of the target to the shooter it is well known how objects appear distorted, lengthened and/or shortened by motion, etc.
            In fact, one could easily take the cited 1905 text written by Einstein and compare it to knowledge about shooting targets. Substituting the word "shooter" for observer, and the words "firearm" and "target" for the objects referenced in Einstein's work would assist us in understanding the nature of Einstein's affirmations.
            -"Observers moving with the moving rod would thus find that the two clocks were not synchronous, while observers in the stationary system would declare the clocks to be synchronous" [Text by A.E.; emphasis mine].
            -Shooters moving with the moving firearm would thus find that the two targets were not synchronous, while shooters in the stationary system would declare the targets to be synchronous [Text, editing and emphasis mine].
And, so on…
            The theoretical basis for such a substitution of word-concepts in the statements in a science text is straightforward. If a statement holds for one level of analysis of spacetime/motion, it must hold for all other levels, inasmuch as all physical laws correspond to all levels as Einstein himself emphasized in his paper.

The Absolute Stationary Space or the "Luminiferous ether"

            Einstein's writing on special relativity represents an attempt to deny existence to the level of an "absolutely stationary space", as portrayed then by the idea of a "luminiferous ether". The only conceptual possibility then was to reason with regard to a relational stationary system [at relational rest] and a relational moving system [in relational motion], both in relation to one another and to other relational systems. All matter-energy events in spacetime/motion, then, are thought to be relations among themselves with no level above their separate existences.
            It is possible, in terms of a spacetime/motion analysis to reason the matter-energy events as relational to one another through selection of particular reference frames/levels. But, the observations regarding the relational aspects of specific matter-energy events in relational spacetime/motion to one another do not necessarily deny the possible existence of a level of existence, of spacetime/motion coordinates above and beyond the selected matter-energy events to be analyzed.
            In other words, one can obviously analyze particular matter-energy events in relation to one another, but their analysis does not deny the possible existence or analysis of other levels of spacetime/motion to which they are possibly related as well. In a word, analyzing observers/clocks/trains/what-have-you cannot possibly mean that the luminiferous aether does not exist. This corresponding level of material abstraction would have to be treated on its own features and conditions of existence. The fact that I analyze a shooter in relation to his/her target and the available light does not confirm that the Universe does not exist or that it does exist.
This is similar to an attempt at proving/disproving the existence of Heaven. "The introduction of a 'Heaven' (instead of luminiferous aether) will prove to be superfluous inasmuch as the view here to be developed will not require an 'absolutely stationary space' provided with special properties, nor assign a velocity-vector to a point of the empty space in which electromagnetic processes take place." [Affirmation by Albert Einstein edited by me.] This statement is also true for the shooter and his/her target.
            Peculiarly enough, Einstein requires "relational" stationary spaces with stipulated properties to make his conjectures work.
            The main drawback to Einstein's thought experiment is that everything he discusses is filtered through the possibility of any kind of mass traveling at the speed of light, when in reality we know only certain kinds of electromagnetic particle-waves and radiation travel at that speed. This is the kind of reasoning found in speculative examples such as: "Suppose I could hit a tennis ball at the speed of light". Nay, "suppose I could hit a tennis ball at 500 miles per hour". Nay, "suppose I had a gun that could fire a bullet at the speed of light". Etc., etc., etc. I could, without much effort, write an essay on each one of the possible suppositions that came to mind once I got started with this kind of baseless speculation.
            As they say today, it's not so much the crime, as the cover-up that is bad. Imagine someone dedicated to "proving" what would happen if a body mass could travel at the speed of light and then, actually supposedly prove that that body mass supposedly traveling at the speed of light actually looked smaller/shortened/contracted/whatever when observed. It did not reach the speed of light to begin with, so why talk about what it looked like when it was supposedly observed at that supposed velocity? It did not reach that speed, much less was it observed either. And, on top of all that speculation, it is also supposedly proven that the supposed light-speed traveling body-mass, that looked contracted, was supposedly actually measured, by an observer who also…. Phew, I am exhausted from this supposed thought experiment.
            On top of all that, it has been possible to get zillions of students and professors and scientists for more than a century to talk about and write about the supposed possibility of traveling at light speed if…and only if…, we had infinite mass,...or, whatever idea we could come up with.
            The question is to how to get students back to thinking straight, with common sense and spacetime/motion theory.  
Einstein himself encouraged thinking with common sense, after having written his "imaginary thought experiments" (his words, not mine).
            This essay on Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity represents an effort in that direction: back to basics and common sense reasoning. A so-called thought experiment (Gedankenexperiment) has the self-established purpose of reasoning through the perceived consequences of a proposed thesis.
The thesis, however, must be based on the conditions of existence of matter-energy events in spacetime/motion that exist or may possibly come into existence ---a significant distinction for any analyst to consider

Proving the Experimental Basis of Special Relativity

            How can relativists prove something that has no material basis. According to Einstein himself, his theory of special relativity was not supposed to be proven. Einstein called his 1905 writing on moving bodies just "imaginary physical experiments". He did not say imaginative, he said imaginary And, I expect the English translation to be correct at this point in time (2014); there has been time enough to correct any inexactness in the translation. So, please do not tell me that the translation is wrong or that he did not mean "imaginary".
Thus with the help of certain imaginary physical experiments we have settled what is to be understood by synchronous stationary clocks located at different places, and have evidently obtained a definition of "simultaneous", or "synchronous", and of "time". [Albert Einstein, "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies", I. Kinematical Part, §1.Definition of Simultaneity,  June 30, 1905].

 How can relativists expect then to prove the material physical existence of the conjectures in special relativity theory? Einstein, with his essay and "imaginary physical experiments" was saying, use your imagination. But, it does not appear that he was actually saying what is being stated here can be physically proven. The imaginary has no material proof. In Einstein's text the word "imaginary" overrides the idea of a "physical experiment".
            However, this simply stated fact by Einstein in his writing has not deterred the relativists from seeking to prove what can only be imagined, a body moving near the speed of light.
            Think about it. According to the relativist postulates in Einstein's discourse, any proof would itself be relative. Everything is relative; meaningless in another sense.

There is no non-simultaneity of matter-energy.  All matter-energy exists
throughout the Universe at the same time, in the same spacetime/motion: now. It only becomes non-relational in that I cannot reach a certain spacetime/motion coordinate level given my need to travel physically from one level position to another.  But everything, every motion of every object-event happens at the same time/motion different motions/ levels.
Instead of attempting to discern what happens in appearance observationally between two particular events as in relativity theory, it is necessary to know how a single event can exist in all of these motions at the same time throughout its existence.
It matters not how the photon/object appears to me from my reference point, vantage point at my level, but how all of these events occur throughout spacetime/motion simultaneously.
I exist in five different perceived reference frames at once all the time while living in spacetime/motion environment. By analyzing supposedly two different reference frames and studying the apparent appearances of observation between the frames of reference, attention is being distracted from the nature of existence.
Special relativity and relativity in general distorts reality by making us believe that reference frames are relative, ---they are not relative, they are relational. We must learn how to understand the actual relatedness of simultaneous levels.
How can matter-energy, spacetime/motion exist simultaneously as differentiated reference frames. What are the conditions of existence for each apparently separate reference frame. Each separate reference frame -motion- has its own conditions of existence witin spacetime/motion.
Consider the possibility of altering those conditions to understand the conditions of exist of a particular event. For example, if the entire galaxy is destroyed, if a planet/sun is destroyed, if an event/animal/person is destroyed on earth, etc.
So one may perceive separate reference frames for each event/object/subject.
Matter-energy is separated into specific events that can be affected in an isolated manner, affecting/unaffecting conditions around them, or they can destroy everything around them.
Conditions of existence of the universe
Conditions of existence of the galaxy
Conditions of existence of a solar system
Conditions of existence of a sun/star
Conditions of existence of a planet
Conditions of existence of a moon
Conditions of existence of an animal/plant/object on a planet
Conditions of existence of a particle proton/neutron/electron
Conditions of existence of all particles as in an atomic bomb, etc.
An individual on earth lives/survives within the conditions of existence of planet Earth, within the conditions of existence of the Sun, within the conditions of existence of the solar system, within the conditions of existence of the Milky Way galaxy, within conditions of existence of the Universe, etc.
We have no math that reflects the simultaneity of existence as shown in the previous levels.
Matter-energy events at rest do not exist in spacetime/motion, other than as perceived relational rest, as of other spacetime/motion events.

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