Theoretical Misapprehensions

There is no need to write another book critical or non-critical about the special relativity formulas for mass, time, length and energy. The relativist formulas refer to appearances only. They refer to the theory of observation, how matter-energy events appear to us, and how we might supposedly measure those appearances. This conclusion obtains, however, after having made a rather detailed analysis of the relativist formulas, which follows in the third part of this book. The only thing special that I find in the theory of relativity is how so many scientists for over a century now have assumed and supported the ideas expressed in the special/general theories of relativity without critical analysis. No doubt, there have been and still exist innumerable critiques of the theory of relativity. But, the great majority of scientists have been uncritical of the existence of the two theories.
Something that occupied Albert Einstein's attention was the concept of "common sense". On various occasions it appears that he felt physicists had abandoned their common sense in analyzing the theories of relativity. He appears to have especially felt this when mathematicians began to dominate the field of relativity.

"Since the mathematicians have invaded the theory of relativity I do not understand it myself anymore."  -Albert Einstein

The following analysis emphasizes a need to return to common sense in the study of physics in general and, to the study in particular of the theories of relativity. Common sense will enlighten a distinct pathway to a theoretical conception about relations of matter-energy in spacetime/motion.

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