Non-Existent Motionless Matter-Energy [Conjectura Mass at rest]

"At rest" is relational to identified differences in reference frames:
An individual has various directional motions while sleeping
The motion of the galaxy throughout the universe
The spiraling motion of the galaxies arms
The solar system within a galaxy
The motion of the sun in a solar system
The planetary motion within a solar system
The individual motion on a planet
The atomic motion of particle making up all of these levels
The relativist dichotomy of events at rest and events in motion is misleading to say the least. What is the analytical need then: a theoretical conception that considers motion/spacetime as it exists at all levels, simultaneously/instant for all existence.
Special relativity and general relativity are restricted to comparing visually from a particular standpoint two comparative reference frames, levels, that represent a limited abstraction, the easiest one of two level. When in fact no matter-energy event, nothing exists as of two levels of reference frames.
Every matter-energy subject/object event that exists, exists within various reference frames, levels of condition of existence of spacetime/motion.
It is impossible to prove an immaterial idea wrong. All of the science writing that attempts to disprove the length contraction, etc., suffers from this kind of reactive reasoning. An immaterial thought process effectively avoids being proven wrong, as it has nothing to do with matter-energy events.
Theoretically, the only thing that is required is to explain what exists.
            If the foregoing explanation of the deficiencies in special|general relativity theory sufficiently explains in your mind the problems with that theory, then there is no need to read Part Three of this book. However if you are convinced of the veracity in special|general relativity, then by all means read the following commentary in the third part of this study. 

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