A Cognitive Paradox

Scientists often like to publish popular books that explain the complexities of science to the general public. But, when the lay person offers critical feedback then the scientists generally point out that the lay person has no qualifications to talk about the subject.
One may wonder why some scientists address themselves to the popular masses, when in fact the opinion and insight of the common folk are of no interest to them from the start. Consider this book to be some critical feedback from one of the common folk.

A Material Paradox

Special relativity theorists, on the one hand, promote the perspective of the observer, a point of view that does not consider any material change to the spacetime event being observed.
On the other hand, the formulas for special relativity are cited as the basic equation for understanding material changes in the particle/sub-particle events of spacetime, as in the atomic bomb, for example.

A Commonday Paradox: Forget Special Relativity

There was an old-looking gentleman in a bar with a lady companion seated upon each knee, drinking straight shots of whiskey while chasing them with swigs of beer, chain-smoking big cigars, and coughing up a lung. A patron in the bar asked him how had he been able to do all these things and yet reach such a ripe old age. The old-looking man answered, "Why I am only thirty-three, what are you talking about?"

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