General Comments: The Spectrum of Color

            Imagine, if all colors had the same wavelength there would be interference and superposition.   Each color has a different wavelength, yet each one travels and arrives simultaneously. So, each color has a different frequency and wavelength giving it a different internal velocity in order not to interfere with one's another's time of flight. And yet the different colors arrive at the retina of humans and animals at the same time due to their different frequencies and wavelengths.
            We use the example of different runners in a foot race. The different colors and their different frequencies|wavelengths determine how they run a race side by side. The different color waves necessarily have to travel at different internal speeds, frequencies and wavelengths in order to keep their lanes. Note the f and w of each lane and amplitude/intensity/brightness and internal velocity.
Each lane shows:
Color defined by:
Lane/track defined by:
Internal velocity
A-B speed = c
            This is how one sees, perceives all objects around us with different colors. The light lights up each color simultaneously, but the physics behind the light is more complex, each color traveling at its own internal wavelength, frequency, speed, amplitude, and overall speed [keeping up with the other colors]. They are all running the same race at different speeds on different tracks/lanes
            All matter-energy in spacetime/motion exists in this manner. Many different people all existing simultaenously, but with different internal clocks, molecular speeds, atomic speeds, frequencies, amplitudes, wavelengths, etc.

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