The Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and Khufu's Valley Temple

A photograph taken by Mr. Alexander Artemov (Ukraine) Taken on January 5th, 2000 (approximately at 5:30 PM)

The accompanying map shows the approximate position in the Valley Temple of Khufu from where the photograph was taken by Mr. Artemov.

Mr. Alexander Artemov considers the observed relationships of shadows and lines to be a result of design, and not coincidence. He considers it to reflect a relationship regarding the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid and the Khufu's Valley Temple from where he positioned himself to take the photograph.

Mr. Artemov's e-mail address:

We appreciate Mr. Artemov sending us the photograph and allowing us to post it on the Earth/matriX website.

©2000 Copyrighted by Alexander Artemov. Reproduction prohibited. All rights reserved.

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