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Such a marvel to me that I have encountered while doing engineering and computer modeling on the Giza Plateau, in particular the Great Pyramid. I would like to take this opportunity to express my support and perhaps draw some technical connectivity that I see in the efforts on the website. I can say I have studied the material with great care and attention to detail technically.

From various sources ranging from the likes of Chatelain and Danekin to Cotterell and Hugh H. Harleston and thru serious archeological digs and background data, a bunch of numbers seem to appear over and over to Charles William Johnson. These numbers, called day counts, long counts, Kemi and Nineveh to name a few, appear to have some global use in part around societies of the entire ancient earth cultures.

The principal means of establishing linkage from one society to another appears to be the basic "doubling or tripling operators" which if taken as negative powers, produces the halving and trisecting at the same time. Hereafter, I make reference just to doubling to convey this entire operator scenario.

A single number is no longer thought of as just a "stand alone event" but represents any member of the family of numbers which can be developed by such doubling. In a sense, this parallels Boolean Algebra and set theory, and in that line, modern day computer programming and object oriented subroutines.

Just as today when someone says, "Fourscore and seven years ago......" everybody with any meager education knows what the total message is in America. The appearance of a "system number" on a stone monument may imply the whole system knowledge was there during the construction. But the appearance of several system numbers on the same stone, may more than just imply the knowledge of the system.

To prove a dead body is a cow, science has various ways of measuring certain aspects until the "cow personality" is either there or is not there. Rarely does science look at the "herd effect" albeit appropriate in certain ice field studies and perhaps ocean floor analysis of sea animals.

Perhaps this is where the current status of the study of Mayan culture stands. These numbers and their systems represent the "herd effect" and since much of the written data was lost to the ignorance of certain invaders, the "science of detailed investigation" is severely hampered.

Yet with the invention of computers and the ability to crunch tons of data, there appears to be a zone that has largely not been penetrated. This "system of numbers" needs to be studied on a "systematized basis" and not rely so much on isolated events and occurrences.

In a sense, a "new science" needs to be incorporated. Something that "plays the tune" collectively and not on isolated cases. What this theme is will need to be developed. Perhaps some examples that I see technically will help suggest something meaningful. Don’t get buried in numbers if they are not your thing, just look at the results.

First, let's look at some isolated cases of particular note. These cases may have a collective note, but science will look at them individually, so we should do the same in preparation for defense.

Here we see the equation:
(4 x 108 / G + IE x 105 ) - (MN / ME/1000)^2 = 1366560.0004017
quite close to the Mayan integer 1366560 found all over

The symbols are Me for the Mass of the electron, Mn for the mass of the neutron, G for the Gravitational constant and IE for the Ionization Energy. The units are ignored temporarily.

The first term gives the and the second term gives the necessary complement to get the integer 1366560 to all known accuracy of modern science with the numbers substituted.

The first term is an "illegal combination" from two viewpoints. Firstly, G is only defined to three digits and using 66731 is only the "current best known guess". On the other hand the IE is thought to be accurate to about 8 digits. So it can be successfully argued that this is a "coincidence" of some degree albeit far from a totally random appearance of connectivity.

The use of the dimensionless ratio of mass of neutron divided by mass of electron would be consistent with trying to "define an integer" such as the Mayan number might be ascribed from a scientific viewpoint. But the digital contribution is only four digits, most of which are well into the discomfort zone of even the IE digits, let alone the "non-contribution digitally from G". But four digits is still 1/10000 probability, so it is not totally discarded while we develop a theory.

Science, particularly physics, has long enjoyed a double personality. On the one hand revels in great laboratory accuracy in measurements, but because of uncertainties, has kept the scientific constants more towards the accuracy levels of the slide rule. On the one hand bragging of laser-like laboratory equipment, but quickly falling back to "but we really don't know the combined effect" so only commit to 3-4 digits.

Perhaps with recent knowledge of the variation of G, I can understand this to some degree. This last bastion of the slide rule may break the ice to greater accuracies and confidence in numbers.

First the easy part. Let us assume the IE, Mn and Me are all scientific data and are to be taken to their respective accuracies, and to the degree they are "inaccurate" is the reason the Mayan number is not exact, but off by some ten-thousandths. Note Mn/Me is a dimensionless number and so meshes with the integer concept and also plays a major role in the Great Pyramid.

This leaves the term 4/G where 4 is an integer and of infinite accuracy. The term "G" we shall now call an integer also, namely 66731 which is 7 x 9533, the latter a prime number. These terms are what gives the "calculated Mayan number of 1366560.0004017…"

One can then turn the equation around and see what happens if the ancients maybe were trying to send a message on how to calculate a "better G", but not necessarily the exact one, since it may vary.

The answer we get is 6.6731004472244 which is not wildly divergent from the current Codata at 6.673(10) when just the significant string is reported in floating point.

Look how long we as a scientific society have been in pursuit of this constant which was first derived centuries ago. If somebody had access to a sort of science that they knew would go away, would they not be tempted to send a message forward that "here is a way to find G. From here you will find other numbers".

In a sense, this generates the "new science or new mathematics" of "PIVOTAL NUMBERS". These are special numbers so endowed with "scientific association" that they allow the less developed people to use them for development of their science. For example, 22/7 was used for Pi for many decades and ancients were considered "dumb as door nails" because it was "off from modern Pi". But I am seeing uses for 22/7 far beyond its perceived role in Pi.

In closer examination of the first term, (4 x 108 / G + IE x 105 ) = 1366563.38 we see the result contains all the significant digits of the Mayan number, 136656 out of 1366560. Could this suggest that there is a "family of Mayan numbers" which will lead us to many scientific discoveries?

Let’s look at the two basic components of this term which many would argue cannot be related because of the difference in units. G has the units of length cubed, reciprocal mass and reciprocal seconds squared. IE has, in this case, the units of "electron volts", a modern standard unit of energy.

The question becomes how can the units package of (mass x seconds squared divided by length cubed) be related to (electron volts). We typically do, in fact, convert the mass of tiny particles into electron volts by way of the Einstein equation of E= mC2 . Therefore, if we think of both terms as either mass or energy, that leaves us with the surplus of seconds squared per length cubed, sort of like 1/(acceleration times area).

Taking the liberties of modern science when it develops dimensionless numbers, if we consider a unitary acceleration times a unit area, we do have a sort of unitary balance. It at least is not completely out of the potential for scientific foundation.

Let us step back and see if there is anything that makes common sense. How could the gravitational force be related to the basic ionization potential of hydrogen. Well, if there were any two factors which seem to have universal levels, it would be gravity and hydrogen, since the universe seems to be fairly sprinkled with both.

The ionization potential energy is the calculated value for moving electrons from containment in a hydrogen atom to electrons roaming free from the atom. Could the Mayan relationship be saying that when such electrons complete this removal or recombination, that not only are photons of electromagnetic radiation given up or absorbed, but also something that impacts the gravitational forces exists?

The ionization energy is sort of a "probability issue" and could be altered for various boundary assumptions. What if the Mayan number is exactly right and the variation in ionization potential accounts for the variation in G that we are seeing of recent times. Would this make us believers in the Mayan message?

The point here is not to argue something that is not really known all that well, if at all, but to suggest, "What if this scenario is true?" This would lend substantial evidence to the argument that the Mayan system had very intellectual foundations. Is there enough evidence here to make us dig a little deeper?

Are there several of these types of "system arguments"? Yes indeed, there are at least several known so far. But just one more small example for this brief reflection.

There are some astronomical references which give the standard astronomical unit as 149,597,870.691 kilometers knowing that the earth orbit is elliptical. This is presumed to be either an average value or a historically derived number.

The equation below gives this number and continues beyond to whatever accuracy may have some reality to it.

(2 x 108 ) / [ 17 x 3/5 + 1 /(180 - 1366560/108 )]1/8 = 149,597,870.691126747024494656155

Note the repeated use of 108 and we see on the Aztec Calendar stone and other places the use of "8 packages of 10 items". We see this in Giza too.

The first term is remarkably similar to the volume of the King Chamber in the Great Pyramid at 2 x 107 cubic inches. The 17 is no stranger to earth dynamics where the surface speed of rotation at the equator is nearly exactly 17 squared divided by 1000, in miles per second of sidereal day. The 3/5 is a well know harmonic.

Certainly 180 is not a stranger to calculations of orbital mechanics being used in angles in conjunction with Pi in 180/Pi radians.

Therefore, the 12 digit hit on the best data available seems a bit more than an accident to this old engineer. But the argument here is more "what if it is true". One should contemplate that a serious scientific foundation may exist behind the claims of "Earth/matriX: Science in Ancient Artwork" Certainly I am convinced even after 34 years in engineering and programming.

Perhaps the Mayan Indians that the invaders proudly slaughtered had long lost the basics or significance of these numbers, but because of severe trauma from earth environmental bombardment or volcanic action, they were left as sheep to hold onto whatever significance they could from the distant past. Perhaps the Aztecs adopted all sorts of strange customs when divorced from the central founding intelligence.

If the theory of Pivotal Numbers is correctly related to some intelligence in the past and they were so motivated to send forward a message, then there may be hundreds of such uses and many ways to use this knowledge to expand science and mathematics.

If the theory is to be expanded without the sluggishness of "item by item discovery" there would need to be some way to focus the search. This is precisely the search function of "modular duplication", or doubling for short.

This technique allows one to discover numbers which connect one "set based system" to another. It is an orderly way to discover how one scientific piece of data may have some connection to another regardless of units.

In this sense, it is believed by quite a few that our systems of units were really developed by an intelligence which knew a great deal more about science and mathematics than we do today. Not only have these systems of units remained relatively constant for millennia, but the conversion factors have literally "sponsored science" from its infancy.

We know for a fact that at least one man, Pythagoras, was thoroughly convinced that numbers contained much more relational meaning than just counting sheep at night. Mathematicians have always taken the view that Pythagoras was "great on certain things" but definitely out in orbit regarding his theory that "numbers were everything". Mathematicians have forced mathematics into a "means to study scientific relationships" instead of the inherent science that it may be. At least I believe that Pythagoras thought along these lines.

The system of units was a good way to get started in science, but now may be a crutch we don’t need, nor want. If we continue to expand our investigation of "dimensionless ratios", we may find there are "inherent mathematical relationships" that have no relation to real world units nor scientific phenomena like gravity, electrostatics or force fields. In the field of fluid dynamics we have developed many such dimensionless numbers for everyday use in understanding the dynamics of fluid friction and convection analysis.

Sometimes the development of such dimensionless numbers has taken on initially the voodoo mechanics of multiplying by unit vectors to just "force the fit of numbers that do have units". Generally these can be justified on some basis to at least some degree. But I am certain the initial development was not all that different from the current analysis of Mayan relationships described above.

In the development of the new Math/Science of Pivotal Numbers, perhaps we should be allowed certain margins during the early discovery of how the system may potentially work. Our central hypothesis will be that some system does exist and secondarily that some intelligence in the past is trying to send us a signal of its existence. We shall not at this time quibble over where this intelligence came from nor in what form it may have existed.

The nature of the communication currently under examination appears to be in the form of artwork or extreme monuments like Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Egypt and pyramids and monuments around the world. There are apparently some thousands of pyramids in Mexico alone. There are earth mounds in such diverse places as China and the Mississippi Valley. Something extremely long lasting in human mental capacity motivated all these peoples to extend huge efforts to build unthinkable structures for the means they apparently had at their disposal.

People will argue that the Washington Monument, the St. Louis Arch, the Eiffel Tower and similar structures are built even in modern times and reflect "basic human artwork". But it can be asked, "why should humans feel the need to express great worth by constructing huge structures?" We build huge highway systems that are every bit as big of tasks. We build huge dams that are big tasks. But these are not "monuments". To be a monument, something "independently striking must be present".

Considering the methods we think were deployed in Egypt and Meso-America, the pyramids are far beyond anything we have even contemplated in modern times. What could have motivated these people to put forward such an incredible effort. To consider these structures as calendars, or star observatories or tracking of the equinox is just laughable. Go to any engineer today and say you want to accomplish these minor tasks and see what develops. Perhaps a few sticks would do just fine and last longer than the people.

One thing is certain about tracking stars. If you build something fixed to the earth’s surface, it will be out of focus within a few generations. So that scenario cannot be the motivation. Some have offered the idea that the pyramids were purposefully laid out with the star configuration of a certain period. That this alone was the motivation for such an elaborate structure and that someday in the future people would figure all this out, is laughable. Just go down to the local teamster office and lay out that plan and see what results you get from the troops.

Perhaps we should apply science to the very issue of pyramids. What human trait that we know about could motivate such effort. The answer is absolutely unequivocal……..nothing. At least the Great Wall of China was motivated by fear, something we can understand in modern terms. And one will note that it was not built with any great precision and does not represent any extensive technology.

All of our current monuments are motivated out of greed for tourist money. And there is not the slightest indication of precision in the Washington Monument nor the St. Louis Arch. The St. Louis Arch had to be jacked apart about 8 feet to get it to fit together. But the stainless steel allowed that kind of flexibility. Rocks don’t bend so easily. Try building a rock wall without mortar, and see how straight it is.

There is nothing in modern construction to indicate we are more highly developed than the Great Pyramid builders. In fact, just the opposite. And the layout in Teotihuacan is awaiting someone to decipher the design criteria to show how skilled were these folks. Hugh H. Harleston has certainly made a start.

So there is good scientific evidence to suggest that an intelligence may have existed at one time in the past. We have not proven the point yet, but certainly good reason to spend some time in serious pursuit.

Let us make the assumption that such intelligence may have existed and wanted to "accomplish something of significance" with their intelligence. Further, that the source of their intelligence might be of a fleeting nature. Perhaps educational programs could not be deployed fast enough to ensure the others would be able to keep up with the understanding and the significant gains would eventually be lost. A great need to "preserve the progress" would be felt by any and all of humankind.

The Atlantis story immediately comes to mind since it would fit all these criteria. A developed society struck by environmental disaster and insufficient resources to recover. The story of Atlantis may have been something that naturally repeats itself throughout the galaxies. Certainly it can be estimated that human environments are very shaky to say the least. We live on a 16 mile crust in an otherwise very hostile solar system. We are like bugs on a leaf in the ocean.

So not only do we have scientific evidence of ancient intelligence, but we have some direct historical evidence and common sense that says it probably happens routinely. What could keep us from at least pursuing the notion. Do we want to be like the scientists who insisted that the Meteor Crater in Arizona was a volcano. Perhaps we will then be "dead wrong" when the next meteor hits the ocean and kills all the people along the coasts around the world from tidal waves. New York City will look like "spilled toothpicks".

What course of action might we take then in pursuit of enlightenment. Where might we begin to try and unravel this gem of wisdom from our ancient ancestors. Perhaps just the opening of the mind would be a good first step.

The second step would be to view all the efforts of people like Charles William Johnson who have already spent thousands of hours investigating the phenomena. These people have all followed their hearts in developing a theory and are worthy of considerable time reading their progress. One does not need to agree with everything on a typical site in order to gain substantially from portions of it. It sure wouldn’t hurt to obtain a poster and put it on the wall and just think about it.

A third preparation would be to gain some foundation in the basic science and math that may be required to understand this intellectual message. If one does not want to take this step, then perhaps your contribution to mankind will take on some other form. Certainly this effort is not for everybody.

Consider what steps would need to be taken by our modern society should we receive word that an incoming asteroid was going to knock us back to the stone age. Some would throw up their hands and reconcile to an early death. Others would try to salvage future generations with some kind of intellectual aid.

Since this type of event could last for millennia, simply leaving the Encyclopedia Britannica would probably not last more than a few decades before the pages would be destroyed. Besides, what language would the survivors be able to understand. They might find the books good "firewood".

The common theme among all languages of today is mathematics, particularly geometry. Engineers can communicate many important details with engineers of severely foreign languages such as between Japanese and English with just arm waving and numbers.

Therefore, it would seem almost common sense to look at huge geometric shapes constructed of long lasting stone. In particular, it would seem common sense to suspect this might be the motivation for the construction and be prepared to cut some slack for the difference between our system of development and what the "message senders" anticipated.

Perhaps we should not get locked into one mentality. It is only suggested that the builders of these huge structures "may have wanted to send a message", but it is not unlikely that they were built for even better reasons. It is called "bang for the buck". The builders got more from the structures than they put into them.

When one examines Mexico and sees there are potentially thousands of pyramids, one might ask just how much message needed to be sent. Obviously, not enough because we "didn’t get it yet". But what could possibly have been some of the ways the builders might have benefited from the incredible effort of construction.

If we make the simple assumption that the builders knew very well one single concept that we do not today know, it might still all fit together rationally. Here is just one example of a scenario that might explain the whole affair. There are probably many others but we only should need one to get ourselves motivated to look deeper.

Just for the moment make one simple assumption. What if there is really something to the occasional intelligence that seems to spring up every now and then in somebody like Cayce and maybe Nostradamus. What if it is something relatively simple like being able to make certain "brain wave configurations" that allows the person to have extended capabilities. Perhaps it only takes the addition of one single wave form to the normal brain waves of say the "near sleeping" dominant waves.

Remember that Edgar Cayce repeatedly said he was able to relive the life he experienced in Atlantis millennia prior. We could simply take him at his word. But let us assume that he was an extremely rare event, and that much of his capabilities could be accomplished thru the hard work of pyramid construction. The scenario would be, "Build yourself a small pyramid, gain extra insight and then build a larger one for better tuning". It could be that simple. Just like the gold rush, one becomes obsessed with finding the "most opportune location" to build his pyramid and gain the insight from these "brain-wave modifications".

It does not need to be this exact manner. Anything that works would be just fine. Perhaps pyramids were built where they were because, "They worked there". The next step would be to wonder, could they still work under the right circumstances? Could we gain insight into the meaning by just visiting. How many visiting people have come away thinking they had a meaningful experience or even an extended experience. Seems like most come away enhanced, and some impacted with life changing attitudes.

Is science falling down on the job. These are scientifically proven phenomena just awaiting documentation. This is not a long shot, but nearly proven from the preponderance of data available.

Therefore, there is more than one very good scenario which suggests much could be learned from studying the geometry of pyramids and the science that is embedded in the artwork passed down for millennia. How well did it survive generations of copying and reconstruction may depend on our ability to solve puzzles and riddles the original intelligence laid out for us or for themselves in the pursuit of whatever the pyramids provided them.


Jim Branson was educated a mechanical and structural engineer and has 34 years in engineering management and programming of computer expert systems. He was the Vice-president of a large consulting firm prior to forming his own company and was Chief Engineer for several major plant facilities.

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