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Institute of Mineralogy, University of Wuerzburg

A most informative site for the geochemist, the Earth scientist, the mineralogist, chemists and physicists alike.

For an excellent list of periodic tables.

The reference source for the history of chemistry studies.
A prerequisite for chemistry updates. Join the Elementalists

Reactive Reports
A must-read webzine.


The Joiner'Square
JOIN to a place of post-modern speculation ON an holonome integrated InTerDiMensional science, which is supposed to be originated from an unknown civilisation of pre-historic anchestors of the HuMan species, they left behind physically n-coded within a large scale of very special placed & architectural designed monuments all over the planet and in form of an immense account of related teachings on sacret systems of cultural developement delivered from the whole of the past, mostly based on that universal inter-connecting part of the law that says that: God is Number.

Earth/matriX: Science in Ancient Artwork
Examines the mathematical and geometrical designs in ancient artwork.

The Speed of Light and Ancient Reckoning
The schema design finds its origin in our studies of the ancient reckoning system.

Friends in Need
A Support and Chat Forum for Breast Cancer

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