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Sound of Meaning: Ancient
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Comparative Linguidtic of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs with Tunica
Author: Charles William Johnson
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Ancient Egyptian and Purepecha
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The Aztec Calendar:
Math and Design

In the book The Aztec Calendar: Math and Design, Charles William Johnson examines the possible relationships between mathematics and geometry. The historically significant numbers may reflect progressions which in turn may be translated into geometrical figures and designs. No one knows for certain how the Aztec Calendar may have been read or interpreted. Its simbolic design is striking and has intrigued scholars for centuries. The Aztec Calendar: Math and Design explores the stone's elements and rings in relation to their spatial divisions in an attempt to discern a possible method of computation, using the historically significant numbers of the ancient reckoning system. The book promotes the existence of specific mathematical posits that the geometrical spatial division of the calendar's elements appear to obey.

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The Aztec Calendar: Math and Design
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Chapter I

The Aztec Calendar: The Pointer

Charles William Johnson

In memory of my grandfather Pablo González Casanova

A word of thanks to the public-access library of the
Middle-American Research Institute at Tulane University,
in New Orleans, where I was able to consult rare and
out-of date works.

"To my uncle Henrique González Casanova, in memoriam".


Table of Contents

  • The Pointer of the Aztec Calendar
  • The Aztec Calendar
  • The Day-Glyph Ring
  • The Pointer and the Day-Glyph Ring
  • The Coordinate Dots of the Pointer
  • Nahui Ollin with a Star
  • The Numbered Coordinate Dots of the Pointer
  • Indicated Day-Glyph on the Pointer
  • The Axis of the Pointer
  • The Four Years
  • The Pointer and the Year Glyph
  • The Months on the Day-Glyph Ring
  • The 13-Day Cycles on the Day-Glyph Ring
  • Trecena Cycles on the Day-Glyph Ring
  • The Ollin Glyph on the Day-Glyph Ring
  • The 13-Day Cycles of the Aggregates
  • The Venus Pattern in the Pointer
  • 52-Year Cycles Marked on the Pointer
  • The 52-Year Cycles Pattern on the Pointer
  • The 243-Year Pattern of Venus
  • 52-Day Cycles on the Pointer
  • Observations

  • Home

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