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Each of the coordinate dots could then be assigned a number, in the same order that would reflect the sequence of the day-glyph ring as follows:

The Numbered Coordinate
Dots of the Pointer

In this manner, the pointer could then be aimed at day 1 Cipactli, for example, the first day of the year. Immediately one would know many other dates and their corresponding day glyphs. With the pointer aimed thus as day 1, we know the last day of the trecena (13-day cycle), which is in this case 13 Acatl. One can also calculate or immediately know the last day of the

260-day cycle, which falls on day-glyph 20 Xochitl. We also know the day-glyph corresponding to day number 364, which is Cuetzpallin, day-glyph number 4, and so on, as far as one can count or imagine.

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The Pointer of the Aztec Calendar
Part: III

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