by Jeffrey P.Mitchell

When I first conceived the Galaxy Spin Theory; in a rush, I sent it out to virtually hundreds of astronomers, astronomy clubs, and universities. I thought; naively, I would be warmly greeted for my keen observation. What awaited me was cold silence. I thought that my computer had stopped working or at the least my emails weren't getting out. Unfortunately a couple of replies did trickle through stating that so and so was out of the office and would be back at such and such a date. It wasn't my computer that was ailing. The only decent reply I received was from a gentleman in Australia; who though stating he did not believe in my theory, suggested that I maybe should send it to the Australian Astronomical Society.

After a great amount of head shaking and imbibing of liquid forgetfulness I could see that my plan was up in smoke. I was not going to be elevated to the acme of theorems. If I was going to go up the hill, it would be one painful step after another. And though I would prefer the easy road I came to the conclusion I wasn't going to find it. Fair enough. For however short or long my life might be I dedicate it to the advancement of the Galaxy Spin Theory. Why? Because I believe in it. It is the only logical theory out there that explains what we can observe. Following the email disaster I tried my luck on several astronomy and science forums. The cold silence of the emails would have been refreshing. Having been bottle-fed on the big bang from elementary school on: by my throwing aspersion on it; I was ridiculed, derided, and burned at the stake.

Everything they had to say; and there was plenty of it, did not deter me from my convictions. It further enhanced them. I was amazed that people wouldn't or couldn't take an objective view. I still don't see how a logical person can believe in the big bang. By perusing this; I hope I can make the reader take a reasonable, objective look at the way the universe operates.

Throughout history the scientific community; though having done much good, has made erroneous assumptions that appear ridiculous today. The two biggest would be the flat earth theory, and the belief that the earth is at the center of the universe. Along side of these and even surpassing them is the silly notion of the big bang. With all the technology and higher learning we are in possession of, acceptance of the big bang is an absurdity.

The Galaxy Spin Theory is simply stated. The universe as we know it is not expanding or contracting, but relative constant. What is happening is that: like satellites around planets, and planets around stars and stars circling in their galaxy; the galaxies themselves are also in orbit. It is simple progression. The orbiting accounts for the observations we are able to detect: the galaxies accelerating "Hubble's Law", and the light shift from distant galaxies.

The Big Bang theory is based on four premises: (1) There is cosmic background radiation (2) most of the galaxies are going away from each other (their light being red shifted) (3) there is an abundance of lighter materials (4) the universe is isotropic and homogeneous (the same everywhere). After trillions of years of stars being boom, stars dying, quasars, and all the other energy producing entities it would be surprising if there weren't cosmic background radiation. It does not prove in any way that there was a big bang. Most galaxies do appear to be receding from each other, but not because there was a big explosion. Each galaxy has its own orbit. Those on an inside orbit are going faster than us, so there light is red shifted. Those on the outside orbits are going slower than us and so their light is red shifted. The galaxies are not traveling out to beyond infinity.

That there is an abundance of lighter materials is only logical, and proves nothing. It would be like stating: because of more lighter rocks on earth opposed to heavier rocks, it proves when earth evolved. That the universe is homogeneous and isotropic (The Cosmological Principle) runs into trouble when you ask "Where is all the dark matter and dark energy in our own galaxy"? If we can't detect it here, then the Cosmological Principle is false because in their theory dark matter and dark energy are influencing the outer galaxies.

Not only is the big bang promoted as fact, it is believed that they know when it all happened (approximately 13.7 billion years ago). They reportedly can tell this by the temperature of the cosmic microwave background radiation? The universe sprang into existence as "singularity", but they don't have a clue what "singularity" is, or what precluded it. Everything, including space itself, came out of nothing. It is still expanding; but they do not know what it is expanding into. They do believe 2 there is a giant magnetic attraction out there making the galaxies go faster and faster. It has gotten so farcical that they are delighted to tell you mathematically what happened in the first billionth of a second. The big bang has taken on a life of its own. There are thousands of scientist and scholars out there who owe their bread and butter to its propagation. One only has to go to the local bookstore, library, or even to the internet to be overwhelmed by the magnitude of books, articles and essays. In fact the big bang has turned into a quasi- religion. Instead of a god they have dark matter (unseen and incomprehensible) and instead of miracles they have dark energy (magic forces). In both cases: religion and the big bang, logic has been displaced by faith.

The Galaxy Spin Theory unlike the big bang theory does not rely on dark matter or dark energy. The light from distant galaxies is shifted because they are actually turning in their respective orbits. GALAXY SPIN "WHIRLY"

Galaxy Spin Whirly

The Galaxies are not actually accelerating but only appear to be in relation to our own galaxy. This can be illustrated by two cars on the freeway going the same speed. Because they are going the same speed there appears to be no acceleration in relation to each other. However if one car takes an off ramp; even though he is moving at the same speed as before, it appears to the other car now to be accelerating. All galaxies in their respective orbits are on their own off ramp, seeming to each other to be accelerating.


When subjecting myself to the pummeling on the science and astronomy forums I was constantly queried; where was my mathematical proof? Where was my formula? I thought it so self evident that a mathematical proof was not necessary and still do. I have no calculations. I do believe that Kepler's orbital laws would pertain but the distances are so vast we will never know.

I did however come up with the simplest of formulae that disproves the big bang. A+B =C. Where A is dark energy, and B is dark matter, and C is the big bang. If you can't show the existence of dark matter, (90) of.all matter and dark energy, (73) of the mass-energy, the big bang is out the door. It seems like they would be real easy to find; being most of everything. But again, unfortunately they don't have a clue. No A, no B, No C.

Mankind as a species needs to stop thinking about beginnings, and endings when it comes to the cosmos. It was spinning around a long time before we came along and it will be spinning a long time after we are gone. We need to behave in the manner of Newton who likened his discoveries to finding a smoother pebble or prettier shell while the great ocean of truth lay undiscovered. I call this galaxy spin entity a Whirly (you have to call it something.) I call ours the S.R.T.E.

Whirly. Are there other Whirlies out there? Logically so. It's a big ocean.

2008 Copyrighted Jeffrey P.Mitchell. All rights reserved

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© 2008 Copyrighted Jeffrey P.Mitchell. All rights reserved

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