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The Theoretical Interpretation of Spacetime/motion


  1. The Astronomical Unit (AU): Mercury/Sun Distance.
  2. Patterns of Symmetry among the Planets: Mercury/Sun as Astronomical Unit. (pdf)
  3. Mercury as Astronomical Unit (AU), for Distance, Orbital Periodicity and Velocity.
  4. 2012 The Potential Impact of Asteroids on Earth.
  5. The Bi-Gravitational Solar System Center-Point and Barycenter. (pdf)
  6. A Multi-Gravitational Solar System Infinitely so..
  7. A New Special Right Triangle: 15° · 75° · 90° The Solar System's 60-Degree Angle of Inclination to the Galactic Plane.
  8. Fractal Triangles: Complements to Basic and Special Right Triangles. (pdf)
  9. The .366 | 1.366 | pi Baseline of the Special Right Triangle Series. (A New Special Right Triangle: 15°·75°·90°).
  10. The Distance of the Planets from the Sun And Their Atmospheric Composition.
  11. The Big Bang Theory Debunked by Its Own Reasoning: As Illustrated in the Popular Scientific Diagrams of the Big Bang. (pdf)
  12. The Solar System: Related Circumferences of the Sun, Planets and Moons. (Ganymede, the Moon and Calisto). (pdf)
  13. The Sun|Earth|Moon Relation: Polar/Mean/Equatorial Diameters and Circumferences. (pdf)
  14. The Sun, the Earth, the Moon and Pi.
  15. The Solar System and Pluto: Patterns and Equivalencies of Planetary Diameters. (pdf)
  16. Different Planets as Unit 1.0: Mass, Radii, Density Other Categories. (pdf)
  17. The Vacuocentric Solar System Head-on View .
  18. The Vacuocentric Solar System Additional Commentary.
  19. A Commentary on the International Astronomical Union's Definition of a Planet.(pdf)
  20. The Big Bang Theory Debunked by Its Own Reasoning :As Illustrated in the Popular Scientific Diagrams of the Big Bang.


  1. The Theory of Continental Drift and Pangaea Today: A Prima Facie Rebuttal. (pdf)
  2. Was Wegener Wrong ? Tectonic Plates, Continental Drift and The Symmetry of the Continents. (Introduction).
  3. Was Wegener Wrong? Tectonic Plates, Continental Drift and The Symmetry of the Continents (Part One).
  4. Was Wegener Wrong? Tectonic Plates, Continental Drift and The Symmetry of the Continents (Part Two).
  5. The Geodetic Foot: the 1296c Factor.
  6. Frame-Dragging, the Geodetic Effect of Spacetime and the Sothic Cycle Number.
  7. Ocean Currents: Alternating Patterns of Symmetry.
  8. Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Adrift: Mt. Aconcagua and Mt. Everest in Symmetry to the West Coast of Africa.
  9. Continental Drift, Plate Tectonics and Sea-Floor Spreading: A Critical Commentary. -Index of Images-
  10. Book: Eventpoint Cosmogeography Continental Drift Theory Questioned by Translation Symmetry Found Through.
  11. The Symmetry of The Earth and The Solar System. (pdf)
  12. Far Side of the Moon and Its Core Relationship: The Moon's Librations and Core Diameter
  13. Excerpt from the book: Eventpoint CosmoGeography. (pdf)
  14. Earth's Life Cycles Contradict the Supercontinent Cycle: Pangaea-Pangaea Ultima. (The Earth's Reproductive Life Cycles of Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Water Deny the Theory of Continental Drift) (pdf)
  15. Selected Extreme Point and Event Point Baseline Distances in Cosmogeography: Symmetry between Land Mass and Water Mass on Earth Volume Two of Cosmogeography. (pdf)
  16. Alfred Wegener's Book: The Origin of Continents and Oceans: A Critical Commentary on Continental Drift Theory
    (Part I),
    (Part II), (Part III).
  17. The Mississipi River Delta and The Nile River Delta: Note for the Atchafalaya River Debate. (pdf)


  1. The Triple point of Water @100 e/m: Defines the Earth/matriX Temperature Scale.
  2. The Earth-Moon Barycenter and The Earth/matriX Thermodynamic Temperature Scale.
  3. Kelvin and Centigrade Temperature Scales and the Ancient Reckoning System. (pdf)
  4. Color Scale and Temperature Scale Relations.
  5. The Temperature Scale and the Universal Constant for Particle Mass.(pdf)
  6. Symmetry on the Earth/matriX Thermodynamic Temperature Scale: Absolute Zero | Melting Point | Boiling Point | Critical Point of Selected Elements, Together with Triple Points. (pdf)
  7. The Kelvin Temperature Scale and the Square Root of Three. (pdf )
  8. Matter and Energy Disengaged: Ionization Energy the Solar Constant, the Temperature Scale and the Refractive Index of Light [ 1.36 | 1.366 | 1.367 ]. (version pdf)
  9. The Temperature Scale’s Baseline is Founded upon, the Mantissa of the Square Root of Three.
  10. The Ideal Temperature Scale Based on The Square Root of Three. (pdf)
  11. The Solar Constant.
  12. The Solar Constants of the Planets and The Earth/matriX Temperature Scale [Earth = 1.3661 fractal].
  13. The Solar Constant: 1.3661 and The Earth/matriX Temperature Scale: 1.366085811.
  14. The Solar matrix: The Sun - Jupiter Barycenter .136, 2.136, 4.136.
  15. The Pluto / Sun Relationship and the Thermodynamic Temperature Scale.
  16. Cosmic Microwave Background: The Temperature of the Universe (2.7281).
  17. The Significance of the 1.36c | 1.366c Fractal Units for the Electron in an Atom. (pdf)
  18. The International Temperature Scale 1990 (ITS-90) in Celsius, Kelvin, and Energy-Matter Units (A Proposal from Earth/matriX), (pdf)
  19. The Diametian and the Temperature Scale 1.142857143.
  20. A Temperature Constant for the Universe (1.366 and .366). (pdf)
  21. The Earth/matriX Temperature Scale: A Brief Comparison with the Centigrade, Celsius and Kelvin Scales.

Fundamental Physical Constants

  1. Handbooks on Chemistry and Physics: A Brief Commentary from Earth/matriX.
  2. The Earth's Matrix 1.3663.
  3. Fractal Values of Selected Fundamental Physical Constants: Ancient Reckoning and CODATA Reckoning. (pdf)
  4. The Large Hadron Collider [LHC] Particle Zoo Three.
  5. The Particle Zoo, Part Two.
  6. The Inverse Fine-Structure Constant, The Ground State Energy Level of the Electron in a Hydrogen Atom, and, The Earth/matriX Thermodynamic Temperature Scale [137.03599911 | -13.6eV | 1.3661].
  7. Maximum Number of Electrons in Shells of Atoms: The 1.3611111. (pdf)
  8. Fine Structure Constant 7.297 352 568e-3.
  9. Fine Structure Constant: A Redundant Notation. (pdf, one pag)
  10. The Inverse Fine Structure Constant A Relationship of Pi and the Diametian. (pdf, one pag)
  11. A Constant Factor for The Difference Between the Proton Mass and the Neutron Mass.
  12. My Hunch about Quarks and Their Numerical Values.
  13. Proposal to Correct an Omission and an Error in the CODATA.
  14. The Planck Constants Represent Powers of the Speed of Light in vacuo. ( version pdf)
  15. Planck Units of Mass, Momentum and Energy c7, c8 , c9.
  16. The Planck Constants Based on the Fundamental Physical Constant.
  17. The Earth/matriX Table of Planck Constants Based on the Fundamental Physical Constants.
  18. Table 1. The Theoretical Foundations of the Planck units.
  19. Table 2. The Planck Constants Based on the CODATA Computational Error.
  20. Table 3. 1.9560844566531 Implied Energy in Relation to other Constants.
  21. Table 4. The Earth/matriX Table of Planck Constants Based on the Fundamental Physical Constants.
  22. Table 5. Fundamental Physical Constants as Well as the Natural Unit of Length.
  23. Table 6. Redundant Derivations of 1.956084466531 Implied Energy in the CODATA Fundamental Physical Constants.
  24. Table 7. Table of the Planck Constants Based on the Fundamental Physical Constants.
  25. Table 8. Reduced Planck Constants: Planck's Constant, h, Based on 3.38704993.
  26. Table 9. The Planck Constant and Select Reduced Planck Constants with CODATA values.
  27. The Compton Wavelength Represents the Fractal Reciprocal of the Planck Implied Length.
  28. Natural Units and Atomic Units.
  29. Relationships Regarding Select Fundamental Physical and Chemical Constants.
  30. Scientific Notation, Fractal Numbers and the Symbolic Formulae Based on Roots.
  31. The Square Root of the Speed of Light in a Vacuum and Planck Units.
  32. Planck Units: Natural Units and the Key Equations in Physics. (pdf 38 pag)
  33. Math Procedures in the Planck Constants.(pdf)
  34. Tables of Particle Mass Ratios and Their Reciprocals. (pdf)
  35. Particle Mass Differences: Earth/matriX Proposed Order for the Mass of the Particles. (pdf)
  36. Neutron-Proton Mass Difference, the Avogadro Constant and the Ancient Maya Alautun. (pdf)
  37. The ElectroMagnetic Particle-Wave Spectrum: Different Levels of Velocities. (pdf)
  38. Comparison of Dispersion Measures (DMs) of Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) to Ancient Number Counts. (pdf)
  39. A Proposal for Reordering and Making Additions to the Complete List of Fundamental Physical and Chemical Constants Published by NIST. (pdf)
  40. The Idea of "Uncertainty" in the Fundamental Physical Constants: Relational Computations without Physical Bases.
  41. Table of Selected Fundamental Physical and Chemical Constants with Corresponding Ratio of 0.366 - 1.366+  Fractal Values.
  42. Electromagnetic Particle-Waves [EMPW]: Superluminal White Light and Its Colors.
  43. Hypothetical Superluminal Velocities of Matter-Energy and the Visible Electromagnetic Particle-Wave Spectrum. (pdf)
  44. Planck´s Fundamental Physical Constants: The Theoretical Foundation of the Planck Units and the Implied Planck Constants -New Values for 2010-2013 Based on Selected 2010 CODATA Constants-. (pdf)
  45. Quantum Mechanics of The Reciprocity of Light and Gravity.
  46. Reverse Engineering the Planck Constants: The Theoretical and Mathematical Foundation of the Planck Constants / Units. (pdf)


  1. The Reciprocal of Light: Gravity - The Reciprocal of Gravity: Light.
  2. Proposal to Include Planck Implied Values in the CODATA Listing.
  3. The Speed of Light in a Vacuum is Not the Maximum Speed of Matter-Energy. (pdf)
  4. Matter-Energy in Spacetime/motion Travels Far Beyond the Defined Speed of Light in a Vacuum. (pdf)
  5. Electromagnetic Particle-Waves Always Travel Faster than the Defined Speed of Light in a Vacuum.(pdf)
  6. Electromagnetic Particle-Waves [EMPW]: Superluminal White Light and Its Colors.
  7. The Square Root of The Speed of Light and The Speed of Light Squared.
  8. Metric Time and The Speed of Light [ 259,020.6837 kilometers/metric-second ] Time Systems, Clocks and Spacetime Measurement. (pdf)
  9. Metric Time and Non-Metric Time: The Speed of Light Conversion Factor 1.157407407 for Translating CODATA Fundamental Constants to a Metric System. (pdf)

Genetic Code

  1. The Earth/matriX Human Karyotype & Table of Chromosomes, Genes and Related Diseases (A Proposal: Down Syndrome, C 1', Trisomy 1')
  2. The New Order of the Genetic Code by Molecular Weight for RNA: A Proposal by Earth/matriX for Listing the Amino Acids from Smallest to Largest

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